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A University Project for Dementia in the UK

A University Project for Dementia in the UK

Seaton Tramway, Devon

Seaton Tramway runs trams from Seaton on the East Devon coast to Colyton, welcoming around 100,000 visitors a year. This charity, which also runs its trading arm as a limited company, was keen to extend its appeal beyond tourist markets and developed an inclusive and accessible tourism offer, including a Memory Tram for people with dementia and a Quiet Tram for people with sensory needs. Two new stops have been opened along the tramway in 2023, both with an emphasis on experiencing nature, such as birdwatching on the Axe Estuary and within the adjacent nature reserve. The Seaton Wetland Halt allows visitors to access the Seaton wetlands via a boardwalk.

A series of ENLIVEN-funded events aimed to provide people living with dementia with opportunities to enjoy the natural environment, take physical exercise and meet other people. More specific objectives were to encourage participation for people with dementia to take part in new dementia-friendly activities who:

Groups travelled by tram to the Wetlands to participate in birdwatching, art, photography and well-being activities. The activities were led by rangers and other activity specialists, including people with dementia, to further develop partnership with the ranger team at Seaton Wetlands and strengthen links with the local community.


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